Business Management Support & Consultancy

Do you own or manage a business? Struggling to find the time or recruit the skills and support you need? That's where I come in!  


Running a business can be a real challenge. You can't be everywhere at once and trying to manage everything yourself can have a massive impact on your work/life balance.

I can help you with all aspects of your business. I can become your 'second pair of eyes', your 'right hand man', your 'trusted No.2' or even your 'general dogsbody' - but whatever you decide to call me, the simple fact is that I can support you with the day to day running of your business.

So, why do you need me?

  • When you are feeling overwhelmed, I can bring organisation.

  • Where there is chaos, I can bring order.

  • Where there is confusion, I can bring clarity.

  • When there is complexity, I can make it simple.

  • I can act as a sounding board and collaborate on ideas.

  • I can bring a fresh approach and encourage you and your team to see things from a different perspective.

  • I can focus on the jobs that you don't enjoy, don't have the time to do or that you just hate doing.

  • I can help with all aspects of running your business, building policy, reviewing procedures, training, recruitment, project management, administration & much much more.

My key roles have included management of large scale projects, development and running of portfolio management offices, resource/recruitment planning, HR/Learning & Development design and delivery.

It is my mission to solve your problems and save you valuable time and business costs by organising, simplifying and reducing your workload.  


Contact me today to discuss your requirements.