Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you offer and how quickly will tasks be completed?


I am happy to discuss any individual requirements so please do not hesitate to ask. I may not always have an immediate answer but I am happy to research, explore and come up with a proposal for you.

Broadly speaking, my expertise falls into 3 categories; Change/Project Management, Learning Solutions and General Office/Business Support. Check out my Services Page for further detail.

What is the benefit of a Outsourced or Virtual Service?

Space - If you recruit part or full time staff, you need to have an office for them to work in. I have my own office space and equipment – so no office overhead for you.

Capacity - You need to keep the people that you employ fully utilised throughout each week, month and year.  I am flexible and adaptable and can just work the hours that you need - so unproductive time is reduced.

Budget - Recruiting and managing a permanent employee can be expensive.  I work on a freelance basis - so you don't need to worry about tax, N.I or pensions.

Time - Some tasks take time, may require specific skills or perhaps you just hate doing them. Ican take ownership, support a particular activity or even offer advice on how you can improve something - so you have more time to focus on other things.

What methods of communication can be used to talk through tasks or assignments?

Communication methods are flexible so you can decide what works best for you.


I can be contacted by Telephone, E-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Webchat, Skype, FaceTime or if you operate locally, we can also get together for a good old fashioned coffee and a chat.